What Is Blue Chair

My name is Rachel and, barring a very short and depression driven stint in my early 20s, I've always been a plus sized woman. Plus sized in America (and lets face it, most of the world), means a lot of generally negative things. You get bullied as a kid, doctors never trust your symptoms, and NOTHING FITS. Now, I've always been into fashion, or ~fashion~ (which is what I call the atrocities I allowed to grace my body in the early to mid 2000s)  and living, as I have, in this plus sized figure, I've learned how to find clothing that actually fits.  I've done this slowly, and with a lot of effort, spending a ton of time learning which brands deign to carry my size and cater to my apple figure. Often pulling out the last XL or 2XL from the back of a rack, I've discovered labels are arbitrary and nothing ever makes sense. And through all my years of hoping that dress came in my size, I've always felt that one thing would never truly be accessible to me. And that was vintage.


I define vintage clothing as anything from 1999 and before. In essence, it has to be at least 20 years old. Generally, when something is older it tends to be made for a smaller frame. This doesn't mean that larger sizes don't exist, it means us larger folks have to look a little harder for a little longer. And that's where Blue Chair was born. Through my years of hunting, scouring, and generally coming up close to empty most of the time, I had built a nice little wardrobe of vintage clothing in sizes 16 and up. Yet, every time I would go hunting, I would always think "god it would be nice to have a store that catered to my sizing". And sometimes you just have to fill those holes yourself. I decided to meld my love of the find with my desire for everyone to feel included. If you love vintage and you're a plus sized person, you've come to the right place. Right now the shop is very small, and, thanks to COVID, I have not been able to stock as well as I would like, but I am slowly growing my inventory and widening my size range. My goal is to have a constantly cycling inventory of rad clothing that start at a 14 and just keeps going from there.

So, welcome, I'm stoked you're here and I hope you find something you love.


And final disclaimer: despite what it might look like in my photo, I swear I'm not this pissed. The sun was in my eyes. But I look pretty bangin'.

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